Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello everyone
Today was so exciting. We needed to raise 22 thousand dollars so everyone would be able to continue at the school and start paying for outreach deposits. It was incredible! The money was raised, many gifts anonymous. I have to admit I doubted if God would provide and He did in a huge way.

We had a speaker today from China who has been imprisoned 7 times for preaching the gospel and starting churches. The Chinese goverment charges were treason and twice she had a death sentence. She was released and her story is so inspiring. She has also runs 5 orphanages in China and now is doing work in North Korea. AND she looks younger then her age! /beautiful woman and her eyes twinkle! She is a very strong advocate for orphans and women also.
WEll, I am on my way to my evening session: we have a group from Korea who are going to dance and sing for us.
Love ya all

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi Everyone
Today is the start of the Chinese New Year. This is just a quick post because I have homework to do! We went to the First Church of Kona yesterday and they had a really good sermon on Nehemiah. Went to the beach in the afternoon, did homework in the evening, met with some friends later in the evening, etc. Today we had Bruce and Barbara speak from NewZealand. I feel fill you in later what they are teaching us. Still processing the information. Have a wonderful Year of the Ox!!!
Lori Russ and Lian

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Jan. 3 2009

We are getting settled into our new home. We have a view from the ocean, all I can say is it is absolutely beautiful here. Yesterday we went to the beach with our "family" and saw sea turtles, angel fish, and a sea lion (he was taking a nap on the beach). It is amazing how fast the children adapt. Lian has new friends from London, Ireland, one of the "stans" country (sorry I get them mixed up). Thank you for all your prayers. You should hear the stories here of how God has provided for these families. As I get them down I will share them with you. Russ and I are really enjoying our time, and I have been so relaxed! We start a full week this week and have a Hawaiian festival tonight. This week we will find out where we will be for the overseas part. Those of you who may not have our email, it is
Have a wonderful day,
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